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Water flow meters are designed to measure the flow rate of water, slurries, or other fluids that flow through a pipe or channel in cubic feet or cubic meters. The type of water flow meter used depends on the usage volume and environment. They are used at water sources and various parts of a water system to calculate the flow rate. In recent years, a great deal of emphasis has been placed on monitoring, measuring, and controlling the flow of water, which has led to the increased use of water meters. As technology has advanced and more sophisticated methods have been developed, the accuracy and reliability of water meters have significantly improved. Read More…

Water Flow Meters Water flow meters are designed for measuring flow rates of water in a variety of locations.

Sierra manufacturers high performance mass flow meters and controllers for nearly any gas, liquid or steam. Customers choose Sierra when they need an accurate and repeatable flow measurement, short delivery lead times, expert flow advice and long term support. When it matters, choose Sierra. Visit www.sierrainstruments.com.

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AW-Lake Company manufactures flow monitoring equipment and goes to market through four brands: TRICOR Coriolis Technology, LAKE Monitors, AW Gear Meters and Turbine Flow. The broad range of flow meters include coriolis mass, positive displacement, variable area and turbine technologies. We service many industries, including oil & gas, automotive, food & beverage, chemical processing and...

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At Niagara Meters, we specialize in providing high-quality flow meters and comprehensive solutions to meet the diverse needs of industries worldwide. With our dedication to excellence and extensive experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted leader in the field of flow measurement. Our product portfolio encompasses a wide range of flow meters meticulously engineered to deliver accurate ...

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SIKA is a developer and manufacturer of flow control products and a wide variety of other measuring and monitoring systems. Our inventory includes flow sensors, flow meters, flow switches, and many more. We know that flow solutions aren't one-size-fits-all, which is why we provide consultation and flow management solutions that are individualized and customized to your requirements. When you...


Turbines is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacture specializing in the design of high quality, cost-efficient rugged turbine flow meters for industry oil and gas, and business flow measurement applications that require accuracy, repetition and reliability. We have established ourselves as a trusted leader in the field of flow measurement. We also offer a wide range of accessories such as...

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Mechanical Water Meters

Mechanical water meters measure the flow rate by placing a mechanical mechanism in the flow stream, which can be a paddlewheel, displacement mechanism, or turbine. As the water flow passes through the water flow meter, the paddlewheel or turbine rotates. Its rotation determines the flow rate. Mechanical water flow meters are the most common and oldest water meters. They are highly accurate but wear down over time due to impurities in the water.

turbine mechanical water flow meter

Positive Displacement Mechanical Water Flow Meters

Positive displacement mechanical flow meters have a chamber that stops water flow. In the chamber is a revolving mechanism that rotates due to the force of the flow. The rate of the rotation of the mechanism determines the flow rate. Several types of positive displacement water flow meters include pistons, disks, vanes, and gears.

  • Piston – Piston-type flow meters have a piston connected to a fill cylinder that fills with water. Once the cylinder is full, it is removed by a stroke of the piston. The various strokes provide an analysis of the water's flow rate.
  • Gear – As the flow of water passes through, it rotates a gear to provide a flow rate.
  • Oval Gear – In an oval flow meter, the chamber contains two oval gears that trap the flow of water and rotate under the force of the flow. As the flow rate increases, the gears rotate faster.
  • Helical Gear – Helical gears have a spiral shape but function like an oval gear mechanical water flow meter where the water flow turns the gears. The rotation of the gears increases as the rate of the flow increases.
  • Nutating Disk – A nutating disk flow meter has a ball in its center with a disk placed through the middle of the ball. The flow of water fills the chamber with the ball and disk. Each time the chamber fills and empties determines the flow rate.
  • Rotary vane – An impeller holds two or more vanes that divide the area between the vanes into distinct sizes. Each rotation of the impeller determines the flow rate.
  • Diaphragm – For a diaphragm flow meter, the flow rate is determined by filling and emptying an oscillating diaphragm.
    various types of positive displacement water flow meters

Magnetic Water Flow Meters

Magnetic water flow meters, unlike mechanical flow meters, do not have moving parts but use a magnetic field to determine the flow rate. The principle of magnetic flow meters is that a fluid produces voltage as it passes through a magnetic field. The faster the fluid's movement, the greater the voltage produced. Therefore, the voltage produced is directly related to the movement of the water. There are certain restrictions regarding the use of magnetic flow meters. They have average accuracy and cannot be used for transfer purposes. In addition, magnetic water flow meters will not work with pure water.

Ultrasonic Water Flow Meters

Ultrasonic water flow meters use sound waves to calculate the flow rate of water. A power supply is necessary to power the ultrasonic waves used to measure the flow rate. They operate on the principle that a frequency shift of an ultrasonic signal is reflected by particles suspended in water while it is in motion, known as the doppler effect.

When water is not in motion, the reflected signal from the fluid is the same. However, the frequency changes under flowing conditions as the water moves faster and grows linearly. The increased frequency of the transmitted waves determines the flow rate.

In a non-doppler ultrasonic water flow meter, the ultrasonic waves are transmitted between transducers located upstream and downstream of the flow. During water flowing conditions, the upstream flow will move gradually and take longer than the downstream wave. As the water moves faster, a noticeable distinction develops between the upstream and downstream times. The variation in times is the flow rate.

types of ultrasonic water flow meters

Choosing the Correct Water Flow Meter Supplier

To ensure the most beneficial outcome when purchasing water flow meters from a water flow meter supplier, it is important to compare several companies using our directory of water flow meter suppliers. Each water flow meter supplier has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities, along with a contact form to directly communicate with each supplier for more information or request a quote. Review each water flow meter business website using our patented website previewer to quickly learn what each business specializes in. Then, use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple water flow meter companies with the same form.

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Coriolis Flow Meters

Coriolis Flow Meters

A Coriolis flow meter measures mass by the inertia of a liquid or gas flowing through a vibrating tube that is equipped with a set of sensors at the inlets and outlets of the meter. The increased movement of the flow produces measurable oscillation that is proportional to the mass...

Flow Switches

Piston Type Flow Switch

A flow switch is a device that measures the flow rate and liquid pressure within a duct, loop, or system. Flow sensor and flow indication are other names for this switch. The primary purpose of a flow switch is to continually...

Level Switches

Level Switch

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Magnetic Flow Meters

Magnetic Flow Meters

A magnetic flow meter is a volumetric flow meter that uses electrodes connected to the liquid flow to measure the velocity of fluids in a tube or pipe. The unique design of magnetic flow meters allows them to take their readings without the need for any moving parts...

Mass Flow Meters

Mass Flow Meters

A mass flow meter is a way of measuring the volume or mass of a gas or liquid passing through a system at a specific point in the flow system. They are used to measure linear, nonlinear, mass, and volumetric flow rates...

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

An ultrasonic flow meter measures the flow of a liquid or gas by sending ultrasonic waves across a pipe, containing the flow in the direction of the flow and in the opposite direction of the flow. The ultrasonic waves and the velocity of...

Types of Flow Meters

Types of Flow Meters

A flow meter is a flow rate measuring device used to determine the linear or nonlinear mass and volumetric flow of a liquid or a gas. The many names of flow meters include flow gauge, flow indicator, liquid meter, and flow rate sensor...

Metering Pumps

Diaphragm Metering Pump

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A rotameter is a device that measures the flow of fluid volume per unit time in a closed tube. There are diverse rotameters applications, including chemical injection/dosing and tank blanketing. A rotameter can be said...

Water Filtering Systems

Water Filtering Systems

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Leak Detector

Leak Detector

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Centrifugal Pumps

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