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There are a variety of customization options that most flow switch manufacturers offer. The switches can sound an alarm before shutting off, or simply shut off when the pressure or flow is unsafe. For corrosive materials, a flow switch that is made of durable materials, like stainless steel or Ryton can help extend the life of the float switch, which in turn, will save a factory big on maintenance and replacement costs.

Other customization options include fixed or adjustable actuation settings, variations of mounting designs for use in any system, pipe, or container, and different models that account for viscosity compensation, high pressures, or other variations in the system.

Most manufacturers also have a variety of float sizes so that a switch can be used with any different system or in any space constraint. Customers can also choose from four basic designs for different uses. Piston switches are best for low flow rates of gasses or liquids. Shuttle switches are designed for high flow rates. Paddle switches are designed for large line sizes over 1.25 inches. Electronic switches have the highest level of electronic monitoring systems and visual indicators.

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